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Since 1936, I. Miller Precision Optical has been servicing and repairing microscopes. We are a Factory Authorized Repair Center for Leica Microsystems Inc., Motic, Meiji Techno, & Accu-Scope and a highly qualified repair center for All other manufacturers, including but not limited to Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss, Swift, Labomed and National Optical.

We can service and repair almost any kind of microscope or microscope part. We also specialize in the service, repair and Alignment
of Bausch & Lomb (Leica & Cambridge Instruments) StereoZoom microscopes.

We have factory-trained technicians who can restore almost any microscope to its original factory condition. Our technicians carefully
calibrate, test, and inspect each microscope to insure maximum performance and proper optical alignment. We always use original
factory parts (when available) when your product requires a repair part. All items repaired are warranted for one year excluding bulbs.

  • Disassemble microscope.
  • Clean & lubricate exposed slideways
  • Remove, clean, check, and parfocal all optical components
  • Inspect for proper alignment.
  • Remove, clean, and align sub-stage condenser (if required).
  • Test electrical system
  • Test focusing mechanisms.
  • Reassemble and individually test each microscope with a slide under all objectives.
Our fees vary depending upon the microscope and job required, but they are very reasonable.

Due to the difficulty in evaluating a microscope without seeing it firsthand, we require you to send your microscope to our facility. Our
technicians will do a complete evaluation and advise you of the repair costs; you are under no obligation to repair your equipment.
In order to do a proper evaluation, microscopes & parts must be dissembled and evaluated by a repair technician. We DO NOT charge
an evaluation fee for this.

Return shipping, handling, and insurance is $12.50 for small parts such as objectives and small components, $20.00 for each
monocular microscope and $35 for each binocular or trinocular microscope within the continental US. Specialty microscopes may incur higher shipping charges.

Feel free to email us at lmiller02@aol.com with any questions.

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